Euroslag is the European association of all main organizations and companies concerned with all aspects of manufacturing and utilization of ferrous slag products.

PLATEA, the Spanish Steel Technological Platform is the R&D network of the Spanish Steel industry. This collaboration based working environment boosts new breakthroughs that contributes to the evolution of the steel sector to come up with sectoral sustainability development strategies.

SIDEREX is the Basque Steel Cluster Association, a non-profit entity created in 1996, whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of the sector through cooperative actions between companies and other agents. SIDEREX works so that member companies strengthen their activities in areas such as Internationalization, Technological and Business Innovation, as well as the defense of the interests of their associated companies.

UNESID is the business association of the Spanish steel industry, that brings together 46 companies, which directly employ around 60.000 people, additionally to another 20.000 that are involved in the collection of ferrous scrap. Innovation, efficiency, sustainability and safety are the principles that guide the strategy of the sector, which is recognized as one of the main levers for the new sustainable economy.


Formed in 2003, ESTEP was one of the first European Technology Platforms to be created. Its membership encompasses all the major European steel producers and the European Steel Association, EUROFER; academic centres and research organisations working in steel sector R&D; industrial stakeholders drawn from steel-consuming sectors, such as car manufacturing and heavy engineering; and other stakeholders such as trade union representatives. The European Commission and the Member States are also represented in ESTEP management committees